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 Metal Gear Solid 4

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Dojima Dragon
Dojima Dragon

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Empty
PostSubject: Metal Gear Solid 4   Metal Gear Solid 4 EmptySat May 24, 2008 11:49 pm

12/06/08 is a day that 2 things happen, the first of those things is the release of MGS4 a game that promises to be awsome, its graphics look unbelievable, yet hideo kojima is still unhappy of the game so big that it fills an entire bluray disc (25/50gig not yet specified which it fills) what will it take to make this man happy?, who knows.... MGS4 is "supposed" to be the final MGS in the series BUT there are rumours floating around about Hideo wanting to create a 5th MGS....if these are true or not know one knows, a way i hope but in a way i dont....if theres a 5th who will be the main character?

the second is the death of a Legend, the death of a man who has been with MGS since the start, MGS without him just wont feel the same, he's known only as Solid Snake 12/06/08 will be rememberd as the day that the games industry lost one of its most iconic heroes.

R.I.P Snake you will be missed.
We Salute You!

Gamin Is The Future, We'll Takeover The World One Game At A Time

Building The Future And Keeping The Past Alive Are One And the Same Thing - Hideo Kojima
The Death Of One Is A Tragedy, The Death Of A Million Is A Statistic - Joseph Stalin
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Metal Gear Solid 4
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